Keith“I’m Keith Townsend, owner and operator of 01 Builders Ltd. I enjoy building Luxury Homes and I have a keen eye for detail. If its not sweet it really stands out to me and annoys me so I work hard to do things right the first time for each step of the build.Its not all about money at all for me … I can make my money by working hard in the following areas:

  • Being fast, efficient & well organised
  • Following procedures to ensure we get it right the first time
  • Having good sub contractors and suppliers that can be trusted

I just like to have a great end result that makes people go wow and see happy as clients. I fell in love with building because you can create something that is long-lasting, so useful and you can turn people’s dreams into reality. I also have vast experience in large commercial projects, large concrete work and of course I got into new and luxury home building because that is what I enjoy building.
I deal directly with each client individually to ensure what they want is what they get providing attention to all details, doing things right the first time. I stand by mine and my sub contractors work and I am here to stay so just a phone call away for clients for any queries any time.

All potential clients can look through my past work pictures and of course bring their own pictures of houses they like to me and we can help in all aspects of the design process as well. Design & Work in with a well priced Architectural Draftsman and Engineers to design your New House to suit your section.

I have a good eye for the functionality, look, style & also have much knowledge to what type of structure would be best and cost effective with clients budget in mind at the design stage. My portfolio includes Luxury Houses and 5 Star Lodges, all jobs big and small. Each member of the team here at 01 Builders treats your build as if it were their own, always working to provide outstanding results.

We keep a tidy site and focus on one job at a time. 01 Builders work efficiently to offer very affordable homes which represent outstanding value for money – My aim is to create Beautiful, Stylish, Quality Homes that you will fall in love with. So for your building project, or Stylish New Home – Big, Medium or Small – just give me a call!”

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